Vanilla Latte

$18 $15 / Box of 6

What does love feel like?  We’re not 100% sure, but we think it must be close to this energizing Vanilla coffee with organic milk.

  • 200mg Caffeine – Like drinking 2 cups of coffee!
  • Only 35 calories
  • Absolutely delicious taste

Common Side Effects:

  • Overall lift in mood, sometimes excessive smiling
  • Feeling of empowerment and extreme confidence in ability to get things done
  • High expectations from boss and other team members (after multiple uses)
  • Dancing, skipping and other joyful movements may occur

But how?

You may be asking yourself - "how is it possible that these coffee shots give me remarkably quick and clean energy, while also tasting so smooth and delicious?" Here's a little step-by-step overview to help you understand.


We hand select our Fair-Trade coffee beans from family farm cooperatives in Colombia.

And then...

We cold brew our beans for 20 hours to release smooth, naturally sweet flavor and extra caffeine.

And then...

We package our beans using our state-of-the-art packaging process to ensure that each shot stays fresh for 12 months.


We have a delicious shot of Organic coffee ready-to-drink anytime, anywhere.

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